About Wood Briquettes and Pellets

Biomass Briquettes and Pellets are household and institutional solid fuel made by compacting biomass waste i.e. Forestry and Agro waste. These wastes are being converted into solid cylindrical shapes. Pellets are only bindings of biomass. These are made from residues and give high calorific value. The technology that binds the waste is called the binderless technology. It does not require any kind of binder, adhesive or chemical. It is completely natural, renewable & green energy.

Wood Briquettes and Pellets are currently the most widely used form of biomass fuel with its popularity continuing to grow worldwide, An estimated 16.5 million tonnes of Wood Briquettes and Pellets were used globally last year alone. This number is continually increasing as people realize the importance of clean and sustainable energy.

Wood Pellet fuel is considered net neutral, meaning, as part of a cycle they generate no increased greenhouse gas emissions. As a tree grows, it absorbs greenhouse emissions and when that tree is burned/absorbed into the ground, it then releases what it has stored resulting in a balanced, sustainable cycle.

Currently, In Bangladesh, various types of manufacturing Industries are using these Briquettes and Pellets into their Boilers as a substitute of cost fossil fuels, Coal & Furnace Oil.