Wood Briquettes

What are fuel briquettes?

[] The Wood Briquettes are Solid Fuels that generate a sustainable and natural heat. Briquettes are conditioned & compressed form of loose Sawdust & Wood Waste. It is obtained from Wood Wastes with no glues, paints, additives and chemicals, and therefore not toxic. Thanks to the binding effect of lignin, a natural substance present in the wood, that maintains the shape & bonding of the briquettes. The raw material is dried and pressed into a cylindrical shape thereby making it simple for storage and combustion.


How are wood pellets made?

[] To produce wood Briquettes, we remove moisture from incoming wood fiber, grind the fiber into dust, and compress the dust into cylindrical shape. Diameter of our Briquettes vary from 85mm to 95mm, and a length of up to 50 mm. Heat is applied in this process which causes lignin, a natural polymer found in wood, to act as a glue to hold the compressed particles together. The result is a dry, highly compressed and high energy-value product that can be easily handled and transported efficiently over very long distances.

use of fuel briquettes

Briquettes have several calling names such as “Biomass Solid Fuel”, “Biomass Briquettes”, “Sawdust Briquettes”, “Fuel Briquettes”, “Wood Briquettes”, etc. These fuel briquettes are most dependable, quality consistent, eco friendly, renewable alternate fuel for generating heat in many forms for many applications in the industrial sector, commercial cooking. Briquettes are being widely used for all types of thermal application like steam generation in boilers, heating purpose & drying process to replace existing conventional fuel like Coal & costly liquid fuel like Furnace Oil, LDO, Kerosene etc. It is also called “White Coal” as it produces a little white smoke while burning.

For decades, this wonder Biomass fuel has already made its strong presence in Europe, Canada, Italy, and America in all heating applications.

industrial heating:

[] Industrial Boilers to Generate Steam

[] Bricks, Ceramics and Clay-Ware manufacturing plants

[] Surface heating in Productive Processes such as Food Processing, Tobacco Curring, Fruits & Tea drying etc.

commercial cooking ,heating & baking:

[] Cooking And Water Heating in Households, Hotels & Tea Stalls etc.

benefits of using briquettes:

financial benefits:

[] Briquettes are alternative to “Costly Fossil Fuels” (Coal, Kerosene, Furnace Oil etc.). It is quite cheaper than it’s alternative options. Therefore, there will be savings if you switch to Briquettes. Here the amount of savings depends on what you are using currently. Means if you are using Furnce Oil, at present, then your savings figure would be bigger, On the other hand, if you are using Coal at present then your savings would be a bit small. But, there will be savings, for sure, always!!

Technical Benefits:

[] Due to higher density & higher Fix Carbon value, Wood Briquettes have higher Calorific Value. It will be around 4500 Kacl/Kg compared to around 3200 Kacl/Kg in other available solid fuel alternatives e.g. Rice Husk Charcoal, Firewood etc.
[] Consistent high burning efficiency due to controlled low moisture.
[] Briquettes are ideal for Transportation and Storage due to its unique shape.
[] Combustion is more uniform compared to coal and other solid fuel.

environmental benefits:

[] Eco-Friendly & Renewable Energy Fuel [] Pollution free because there is no Sulfur Or Any Hazardous Materials [] Lower Ash Content; 3 To 4%. [] There is no Fly Ash when burnt [] Emit no additional Co2 In The Environment.




Made with100% Sawdust & Wood Waste
Binder/ChemicalsNo binder, dye, paints, additives or chemicals used
ShapeRound Biscuits 
Diameter85mm ~ 95mm
Length25mm ~ 75mm
Heating Value (CV)4500 ± 3% Kacl per Kg
Moisture6% Maximum
Ash Content4% Maximum
UseHeat generation
Packing40Kg per Bag