Bio Coal
Neutral Fuel for Energy Transition
Small- to Medium-sized Pieces of Wood Formed
Pellet Fuels
A type of Solid Fuel Made from Compressed Organic Material.
bio coal

About Green Solid Fuel

Green Solid Fuel is a private company. The Purpose of the company is to process & produce Renewable Solid Fuel from Biomass, Forestry Waste, Furniture residues, Rice Husk, Paddy Straw, Maize Stalk etc.

We produce and supply Environment-Friendly alternative Solid Fuel (Sawdust Briquettes & Pellets) for burning into Industrial Boilers.

Our factory is located at Basurhat, Companigonj, Noakhali, Bangladesh.

Reliable. Consistent. Low Cost. High Density.

Wood Briquettes and Pellets

Biomass Briquettes and Pellets are household and institutional solid fuel made by compacting biomass waste i.e. Forestry and Agro waste. These wastes are being converted into solid cylindrical shapes. Pellets are only bindings of biomass. These are made from residues and give high calorific value. The technology that binds the waste is called the binderless technology. It does not require any kind of binder, adhesive or chemical. It is completely natural, renewable & green energy….

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co2 neutral

Co2 Neutral

Wood Briquettes & Pellets are bi-products of Woods. It is made from sawdust, wood shavings, and wood logging residues.

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

Unlike fossil fuels, Wood Briquettes & Pellets are almost “Carbon Neutral” & Environment-Friendly with high calorific value.

Easy to Store

Easy to Store

Wood Briquettes & Pellets are uniform in size and shape, high density, easy to store and handle. Transportation cost for Briquettes & Pellets are cheaper than other traditional fuels.

Green Energy

Green Energy

Sawdust Briquettes & Pellets can be used for co-firing with coal for power generation, industrial boilers and commercial/residential heating.